It’s Solar-bout Saving Energy This Winter With Brutons Home Hardware

Late October will herald the arrival of some dark days ahead. We say goodbye to the end of British summer time, when the clocks go back an hour on the 25th October.

Shorter daylight hours mean more reliance on artificial light, not just indoors, but outside too, where poorly lit steps, paths and driveways can prove both hazardous and inconvenient to negotiate as well as posing an additional home security risk.

Mains-powered outside lighting can be both expensive and complicated to install, and work of this nature should always be undertaken by a competent electrician who will also test and certify the installation is compliant with industry standards.

Often, a simpler and more affordable solution may well lie in solar powered lighting. Solar power? In winter? Already we detect a hint of scepticism among some of you reading this. But bear with us. The idea is really not as dim as it sounds!

Winter Solar Savings

Solar lighting technology has advanced significantly in the last few years, along with the LEDs (light emitting diodes) that provide the light source. Even on grey winter days solar panels can capture enough energy to top up the battery, although they will receive an added boost on days when the sun is shining. That’s free energy harvested from sunlight, so it kinder on your pocket and the environment. What’s not to love?

Get Switched On

At Brutons we have a range that is designed to look good and be functional. Generally, these are more efficient solar collectors, brighter LEDs and greater battery capacity, as well as being far more durable and come in a variety of fixing options, enabling them to be located where their light source is most needed.

Many solar lights are fitted with a twilight sensor, meaning they will come on automatically at dusk and turn off again at daybreak. Others are equipped with motion sensors which will only illuminate when someone is in close proximity. That way they will conserve energy stored in the battery until it is needed.

Our switched-on people at Brutons are full of bright ideas when it comes to helping you choose the right kind of solar lighting, so pay us a visit and get yourself prepared for the winter months ahead.

We also stock a range of both handheld and headband torches and batteries, so whether you’re venturing into the cupboard under the stairs or heading further afield after dark you’ll always have a guiding light close to hand.

Absolutely huge range of tools, fittings, garden and household items and often cheaper than the big chains or even online. You are very rarely disappointed by things being out of stock, from nuts and bolts to mouse traps and kettles to vegetable seeds.

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