Bruton's Reward Card

21 Oct: Bruton’s Reward Card

A huge thank you to all our customers for their loyal support throughout the lockdown and in recent months. Through our loyalty reward card scheme launched in September 2018 we have given back £6,850 in vouchers to our wonderful customers!

For every £10 spend, a stamp is added to the reward card and a £5 voucher issued when the card is completed with ten stamps. Why not ask for a card when you next pay us a visit? The scheme has been very successful and popular among our customers and cards are not registered, so we don’t hold customers details.

Solar Energy Savings

16 Oct: Solar Energy Savings

Shorter daylight hours mean more reliance on artificial light, not just indoors, but outside too, where poorly lit steps, paths and driveways can prove both hazardous and inconvenient to negotiate as well as posing an additional home security risk.

A simpler and more affordable solution to mains power may well lie in solar powered lighting. Solar power? In winter? Already we detect a hint of scepticism among some of you reading this. But bear with us. The idea is really not as dim as it sounds!

Home Heating

02 Oct: Home heating

Most of us have come to rely on our central heating to keep us warm throughout the coming winter months. And why not? It’s clean, efficient and, these days, we can control it via our smartphones, even when we’re away from home.

But sometimes it’s more convenient, practical or economical to heat just one room or outbuilding, or simply have the peace of mind that should your boiler break down you won’t be left shivering while waiting for an engineer to call.